Intuitive, sleek and visual XML editor for faster and easier content management

Do you use XML or JSON as a data source for your websites, apps, Indesign documents etc.? Then this editor is for you!

Check it out!'s also a CMS!

Load and edit your XML files directly on your server. Learn more...

Turtlebite Online XML Editor

What is it needed for?

The Turtlebite Online XML Editor is a simple but efficient editor that lets you handle xml data in a visual and intuitive way. You can import xml files from your local harddrive, edit and export them back. Or you can set up an xml directory online on any server and load/edit/save xml files directly. Now think about that for a second: this empowers you to turn the xml editor into a simple CMS!

Note: this editor is not recommended to be used for really large XML files, and it has no support for XSLT. Instead, use it for creating configuration files or source files for websites, mobile apps, Indesign or QuarkXPress documents etc. If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us!

Visual XML Editing

Visual XML editing

Don't worry about xml tags. Just add, duplicate, copy, move, remove nodes with ease.

Manage Attributes

XML Attribute Manager

Add attributes, drag and drop them. Edit Textnodes without thinking about CDATA tags.

XML Output

XML output

Want to see how your XML file looks "under the hood"? No problem.

Rich Text Editor

XML Attribute Manager

Save text nodes in rich text format and style it easily with CSS later!

Drag and drop

Drag and drop XML nodes

Just grab a node and drag it to another place. Drop it before, after or inside another node.

Editing made easy

XML editor context menu

Use context menus for easy navigation and editing.

Use it as a simple CMS!

XML output

Just set a link to your xml folder on your server to load, edit and save the files online!

Convert XML to JSON

Convert XML to JSON

Need JSON as a data source? Simply export the XML file as JSON and you're done. When you save XML on your server, JSON will be created automatically.